Eleven 11 Bodega: Paint + Esoteric Vibes
We will be enjoying an Esoteric Painting Session featuring creative  @blueetuesday , very talented 757 Creatress. 

The Eleven11 Bodega Painting will reflect the conversation topic:  SACRED CONNECTIONS for the night, which only our guest will be privy to the conversation for the night. 
The is an exclusive event, only 13 seats.

The music vibes will be Soulful, R&B, + Neo Soul as we paint and explore the chosen topic together.

Our guest will also be enjoying catered food by Chef Cee LLC where they can choose a Seafood or Vegan option of their liking.

While painting, our guest will also have an oppurtunity to get to meet our guest spiritual readers, mediums, + psychics in our metaphysical garden. 

With each guest ticket purchase, they receive:
* Painting + Conversation supplies 
* Meditation + Grounding Session 
* Catered Dinner + Drinks
* ONE 10 min read from any of the 3 mediums

ARE YOU Ready for REAL conversation, soulful vibes, + spiritual wellness + self exploration ? 

Join us for conversation with people who have been studying esoteric knowledge for decades.

Come vibe with Coiled Together Wellness
 + Beauty Bar + Catch the Wave 🌊 

We are only allowing 13 people into this event so get your ticket while they are available. 

See you there ✨

Featured Artist: @blueetuessay
Host: Omitola, @FromTheCoil
Sound Healer: Nova, @unorthodox.nova 

Location: 305 Main Street NN VA 23601
Time: 7:00 - 10:00 PM
Cost: $85

Eleven 11 Bodega: Paint + Esoteric Vibes