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Image of clients in creative photo after braid styling
Image of client in creative photo after braid styling
Image of client in creative photo after braid styling

Natural Hair + Braid Alchemist




Get your edge control today! A little goes a long way and our Edge Control at From The Coil is perfect for all textures and styles. 




Comfort X Design

we specialize in protective styles that are low tension, light weight, hypo allergenic, + custom to fit your texture of coil. we service all ethnicities, natural hair, and hair extensions. 

our style techniques ranges from functional everyday styles, pop color + exotic color blending, + fashion blog editorial styling.


herbal alchemy

heal from within

healthy hair has everything to do with internal health. book a discovery session with us and we will create a mineral + herbal regime for your overall well being and hair goals. we specialize in nervous system healing, relieving anxiety, depression, improving hydration + quality of rest. 

Herb Infused Oils

holistic treatments

healthy hair foundation

utilizing holistic hair care practices to optimize health of the hair at its foundation, the scalp. Founder, Omitola has created mineral kits, growth oils, herbal hair soaks, and clay detox hair mask that nourish + treat ailments of the scalp and strengthen the hair shaft + follicle. 

This results in stronger + healthy hair.

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crown adornments

crown x stylish

handmade copper, silver, + brass art to uniquely adorn your protective styles + support you protecting and radiating your frequency. we have an adornment crystal bar where we will be the perfect combination of crystals, metal, and charms for your custom crown art.


create your dreams

focus your creative vision for any special occasion or celebration. we specialize in celebration events such as: business brand release, beauty, maternity, family, + birthdays.

we supply a full visual team for you that includes but is not limited to a photographer, hair artist, MUA artist, wardrobe, studio + much more


crown preservation

protect your crown

protecting your hair is a lifestyle that requires adaptability. we have created a line of head crown wraps that protect your protective styles year around. our focus is on supporting small businesses, so all of our seamstress work is all done locally and we purchase our fabrics from small businesses all over the world


What Clients Say

"Hey beautiful. Just wanted to let you know that your Florida water is LIFE!!! I use it when I do my events. Ppl love it too."
~Maria, Flower Magik LLC
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