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05.16.2023 | the coil lineage.

many have ask me, what does from the coil mean. personally, it’s always an interesting question because, from the coil for me, means a multitude of things.

since i first resonates with the name, what it truly represented continuously reveals and evolves itself to me. i am a curator and care taker of my brand, from the coil and our purpose. i feel much like a student to what my brand needs as it matures as i do when i’m parenting.

another things for me, is i always enjoy hearing others perception + interpretation of the name. so i always wanna hear there views too 🌀 i get so excited because my brand has so many different perceptions which is super amazing to me, that THREE words & ambition to positively shift the culture of hair braiding has become.

from the coil has always meant to be from your unique spiral (coil) & the acknowledging of that the lineage, the story, the cycles, the roots in which YOU come from.

acknowledgment of existence, is something as i get wiser is something i continue to find soul medicine in. acknowledgment is powerful when it comes to alignment + STAYING self aware.

from the coil is about honoring your coil’s texture + density, your kinky + soft, your coils length + strength, your coils genetic DNA story…

i see coils and think, did your great grandmother or grandfather gift you your coils ? do you know , have you ask your family , who has hair like yours ?

do you have your mamas texture + papas thickness ? who crown does your hair resemble ?

coil is a spiral, each spiral unique…much like our life path, our lessons, our challenges, & our universe of hair coils that reside on our crown.

i’ve learned time and time again, the best way for me to navigate this world, is to take a second , look around and within myself + take account for all that IS.

all that exist,

all that is going on in my reality.

right now, presently.

for me, a lot of the time, this curiosity about my present state, has me examining and inquiring into my coil lineage.

i want to know whom i resemble, who i come from, acknowledging all of my twist and turns in life (life path coils), so i can teach myself something about myself as a daily ritual. we wake up and brush our teeth everyday, why not learn something new about yourself every day as well ?

i do this for myself so that i am able to accurately depict for myself, for my soul, where i am at + what is…this then helps me know where i intend on going next ➰

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