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🍃Herbal Name: Camphor

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One of my favorite things to protect and dispel negative energy with is Camphor.

Camphor, or cinnamomum camphora, is extracted from the Camphor tree, a close relative of cinnamon. Camphor is considered a very sacred plant with healing powers, much like the beloved Palo Santo tree. The Camphor tree has been revered in many cultures through India and Asia.

Camphor is especially useful for dispelling negativity, fear and cowardice. Associated with the warrior angels, Camphor can banish timidity and fearfulness. Camphor is useful when going into stressful situations or conflicts. Use when going into battle—whether it’s a physical fight or another kind of challenge competing against others. Stops low vibrations from causing confusion or disconnect and camphor uplifts the mood to a spiritual vibration.

Camphor is classically used for spiritual cleansing and purification. If intrusive energies or harmful entities are attaching to you, Camphor can eliminate such forces from your life and cleanse your aura.

Camphor can be burned or charcoal or on a lamp, many sit camphor by the door way and let it evaporate away to keep any and all low vibrations away from the home/work space, put it in spiritual floor washes to call in healing, clarity, and cleansing.

As alternative medicine, Camphor is especially useful for fighting colds and flu. Putting 8-10 drops in a bath can do wonders for the sinuses. A few drops massaged into the chest and upper back can also treat congestion problems. The cool, pungent aroma of Camphor can instantly clear the sinuses. Camphor is also useful for treating aches and pains in the muscles and joints. Camphor is also used topically to treat sunburns, insect bites, or itchy skin.

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