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Amber is well known for preserving ancient organisms and providing scientists with perfectly preserved specimens for their studies. Amber is fossilized tree resin that hardens and is harvested from deposits in the ground. The essential oil is made by heating up the solid resin to a temperature over 392 degree Fahrenheit until it decomposes and becomes a liquid. Amber has been used since the Neolithic times (around 12,000 years ago). It has been used in jewelry, medicines, perfumes and decorations. Amber has a warm, smoky scent with undertones of floral citrus.The benefits of amber essential oil include: Calms the mindAids sleepPromotes wound healingAnti-inflammatoryStrengthens immune systemImproves circulationImproves skin elasticityTreats acneMoisturizes skinAnti-agingActs as an aphrodisiacImproves memory

Egyptian Pure Amber Oil

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