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What is a White Spiritual Bath?

A White spiritual bath ritual is done over three consecutive days, which is intended to cleanse the aura of all negative energy and seal the individuals energy field with just their energy.

A combination of natural ingredients paired with prayer and spiritual practices creates a beautiful ritual anyone can do to feel more connected to the divine.

What Is a White Spiritual Bath Good For?

Aside from cleansing negative energy, a white uncrossing spiritual bath is a great way to align with peace and tranquility. If you suffer from insomnia, this may be the perfect baño for you. Just think, a lullaby in bath form! For this reason, it's a wonderful introduction to spiritual and baths for children. The gentle, comforting feel of this baño will soothe their souls and ease them off to dreamland. Simply add the baño blanco mixture to warm bath water and let them soak in all the goodness.

White Uncrossing Spiritual Bath

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