Knowledge is the seed that sprouts into wisdom. Events hosted by From The Coil LLC facilitate bringing the community together to engage in activities and experiences that help one navigate to learn about oneself, the community, + the world in safe spaces.  


Communing together to share experiences + create art,  understanding, and memories creates community amongst

 diverse people and curates a sense of belonging. We feel that this is vital to an individual's life journey process and encourages community to heal collective wounds.  


Creating has a way

of freeing the mind and allowing it to express itself instinctively. 

Healing is a decision and a choice. We encourage the arts in order for one to learn to express, navigate, empower oneself, and ultimately self heal.  


During our life journeying, all of us at some point have experience low
+ h
igh vibrational emotions.
Adversity, Chaos, Success, + Order are all apart of the natural course of nature. Celebrating reminds us that breathe is a gift worth celebrating + we are never alone.

Healing is not linear and to

 remember that the storm waters the flowers and the Sun is always close to it's return. 

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